Project manager

Establishment of technical documents and prices with subsequent monitoring of the entire project.

- Sketches and preliminary drafts: plans, technical solutions and materials, provisional timetable, costs of investment, operating and maintenance
- Applying for and obtaining administrative permits, permissions and approvals: prior declaration, building permits, authorisation for signs.
- Tender consultations: drawing up specifications, selecting companies, analysing offers, awarding contracts with companies
-Validation of companies’ work plans
-Management of work in progress: site meetings, financial surveillance of work in progress.
-Supervision and coordination of the site: -Drafting and monitoring of the work schedules of the companies involved
-Hand-over of the project


General Contractor

Handling the project from design to delivery with a single contract guaranteeing budget, quality and deadlines

-Selection and coordination of architects and decorators suitable for the project
-Carrying out preliminary technical studies and drawing up plans
-Costing of works, obtaining administrative authorisations
-Selection and overseeing of the companies working on the site on the basis of competence, price and availability
-Work costs scrutinised in detail
-Elimination of the unnecessary
-Search for best value
-Shortest possible delivery times